Monday, May 14, 2012

Kevin Kremler Exhibition

Kevin Kremler is a graduate student artist at UNR who has an exhibition in the Sheppard Gallery this April. Postcards from the Grey Area was an exhibit with four very different and distinct pieces of work that worked together to form his body of work. Upon walking into the gallery, the first thing I checked out was his modified photo booth. By sitting down in the stool and clicking the mouse to take the picture, the person in the chair was superimposed to look as if they were in a Normal Rockwell piece, painting a self portait. The camera then printed out a postcard with the image on it for the viewer and a digital copy was saved for Kremler’s own use. The biggest and most intriguing piece in his exhibit was a large hanging structure, that when loaded up with the provided colored sand, spun around and tilted like a teeter-totter sprinkling the sand on the floor as it went. Over time the sand formed color piles and patterns on the floor that changed with time and use.
His most visually interesting piece for me was a collection of small, medium and large TV’s all showing X-Ray images of brain function. The TV’s were mounted in custom wooden boxes with legs so the seemed like a pack of robotic animals staring up at the viewer. The fourth piece was a large sheet of plywood the Kremler turned into a huge postcard. With crayon the recreated a famous Van Gough and named it the Crayola Vangola. His intent was to mail it as is to a friend, with the intention being that along the way, the postman would look at it, as would anyone else involved in the shipping and receiving of the giant postcard.
Overall his work was made to be appreciated in different ways by a multitude of different people. His exhibition had a lot of variety, from giant sculpture, to digital aspects and classic drawing. His versatility made it very interesting and it will be cool to see where he takes his art in the future.

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