Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video assignment #1

For my video assignment I want to emulate the look of found footage videos. I think that since my audio self portrait has so many different sounds in it ranging from loud fuzzy chaos to soft clinking bottles I will be able to create a visual version of my sound in video using an assortment of found footage and video I shoot on my own. Also, since everything I used to make my instrument I found in my neighbors and my own trash and recycling cans, it will add to the theme of my project. When looking at other found video artists I came across Joseph Cornell and really liked the way he used all the old film spliced together to make his pieces. The coolest one I found was "Jack's Dream," but I am sure there are other good ones as well. Im looking forward to finding clips to match to my audio as well as film things that I come across as well. I was thinking of walking through the woods in the day and night and filming that to ad different representations of nature to my video.