Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Video Triptych

I am fed up with television, especially "Reality TV." The only TV we have at my house doesn't get any channels, cable or otherwise, so when I was assigned to watch some new TV's shows for another class I got fed up. I made this triptych to urge people to get up off their couches, go outside and do something. There are so many good, productive things to be done away from our TV's and I think that people forget that these days.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Assignment #1 - Video Self Portrait

Continuing with the idea of found objects that I used to make my instrument and audio self portrait, I went the route of using mostly random found footage from youtube. My audio track is pretty chaotic, more so when I combined the random track with the intentional track, and I wanted to represent that visually through found footage. The first clip was shot randomly this morning when I woke up to find it snowing outside. I didn't expect it to snow so the surprise of it got me to go outside and take a little video of it. I think the randomness of this fit perfect with the rest of my clips. I just started typing things into youtube and seeing what videos popped up in the search, and then just selected pieces of those clips and went to the clips related to those to find more videos. For my editing I randomly dropped clips onto my timeline and then clipped them to make them fit to tempo changes and the time constraint. Everything fit together really well and sticks to the random, found idea of my project.