Monday, February 28, 2011

Second Life Performance Idea

I think it would be cool and interesting to have the whole class give their avatars zombie skin and have us walk around Second Life as a group. From what I have seen in Second Life, everyone dresses their avatars up to match their fantasies, be it furries, princesses, tall masculine men or other things along those lines. No one that I have seen has a scary avatar and they do not crowd around in a pack or like bodied scary avatars. I think it would cause a cool reaction within Second Life and it would be very interesting to hear what people would say when a horde of zombies invades their club or area.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Create an Object in Second Life

This is the coffee table I made in Second Life. I had never worked with any type of 3D modeling and though I don't think I used it to it's full potential, I had a good time playing around with the tools and orienting myself with the controls. I decided to paint the table with a southwest pattern to spice it up a little bit and complete my first object build in Second Life.

Second Life self-portraiture

Here are a couple pictures of my avatar in Second Life as well as a picture of me taken tonight. I've grown a little bit of facial hair since I took the picture for my Second Life skin, but otherwise I think it's pretty spot on. I spent a lot of time in photoshop trying to get my skin to line up with the avatar and I think it turned out good. I want to work on the skin tone and some other small things when I get time and have my avatar perfect.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reading Questions February 2nd 2011

Questions based on the reading of

1. Where are the highest concentrations of Second Life users in the world and what is the most common sex and race of these users?

2. Is Second Life a world of fantasy for most residents or merely an extension of their real lives?