Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Assignment #3 Triptych Animation

For the animation of my triptych I just wanted to create an array of movement that would work together with the two videos that were bookending mine in the class edit. I had a good time moving around all my individual pieces and making them work with the videos before and after mine.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Assignment #2 Triptych Digital Montage

For my triptych i wanted to have fun creating chaos in a collage. As photoshop is pretty new to me, it was interesting to learn the controls and figure out how to apply the ideas I had in my mind. For my text used the phrase "World Gone Mad" because I think it sums up the chaos of all three collages. Up top is all three collages combined together and below I have the separate collages alone.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Assignment #1 DADA - MONTAGE

For my DADA Montage I found a picture at the thrift store of a European mountain town from a calendar that had been framed. I then went through random magazines that I got from the thrift store and around my house and began cutting out pictures that were interesting, but really had nothing in common with one another. When it came time to paste them onto my background, I had fun trying to work with each cutout and make it fit within the whole and still have a sense of what it was on its own. The gondolas coming from the top corners and the train winding out of the mountains worked out especially well and ad to the strangeness of the piece.