Friday, November 12, 2010

YouTube Mixer

For my Youtube Mixer project I wanted to create a state of chaos for the eyes and ears. I chose videos of music I like, but also music that would mix together in a chaotic way. I also chose some video of spiraling hypnotic shapes to confuse the brain and atom bomb testing to blow the whole thing away. The different effects possible when playing the videos at different times makes the piece new every time it is viewed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Assignment #4 FARTCATCHER 5000 Chindogu! Infomercial!

Created by Dan Conroy, Michael Pugh and Nikki Greene

For our Chindogu project we chose the create the FARTCATCHER 5000. When trying to come up with a whimsical idea for an informercial, we could not get past the humor in a bag that caught and hid the dreaded fart smell that we all seem to emit from time to time. Though we haven't sold any yet, I'm sure sales of the Fartcatcher 500 will take off any day now.